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My Dance Journey

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

A foot injury caused me to stop dancing for awhile. It feels great dancing again after 2 years! ^_^ I'm so happy! I just released my dance cover to Brinn Nicole's choreography to Jonas Brothers Sucker. If you haven't seen my dance cover, make sure to check it out :3 I like the fun flirty vibe of the song, and Brinn never fails to do an amazing job! You can also check out her original choreography here:

I have a dance room, and I absolutely love it. Walking into my dance room makes me so giddy. I really enjoy dancing at home for a number of reasons.

1. It's in the comfort of my home so I don't have to drive anywhere.

2. There isn't a dance studio or choreographer that I like in the area I live.

3. I'm actually a very slow learner when it comes to dance so it's nice to go at my own pace without all of the pressure.

So yeah, there's a lot of choreographers that I can't wait to learn from online. I usually find a routine I like and slow down the speed of the video so I can study the movements. It's definitely very tedious and harder learning it all on my own, but it's worth it!

I remember growing up, I was always in awe of dancers. It was one of my dreams to be a really good dancer. Fun fact, I was interested in ballet at the time :3

I didn't think I could learn to dance because it‘s hard, I didn't believe in myself, dance class is expensive, I get anxiety and blank out as people watch me, and just a ton of other excuses I convinced myself I couldn't do it. So it's great that I've found a solution because we can now learn from the internet! Another big part of it is our mentality. Once you get that down, everything else will follow. It's definitely something I'm still learning to control and be more positive.

College was the start of my dance journey. I'm really glad I stepped out my comfort zone. I was in FSA's dance team, and I wasn't that great. But hey, gotta start somewhere! It wasn't until I got back from college that I learned about heels dancing. This really sparked my interest because I already love wearing heels. I thought well great, I can get my Beyonce on! This dance style made me feel right at home! It gives so much confidence!

I'm really happy I can get back into dancing. I want to dance to express, not impress. I love dancing as much as I love singing. Dancing just doesn't come as naturally or easy compared to singing for me, but it still gives me the same euphoric feeling I get when I sing. I want to become great so I can execute both simultaneously.

I wanted to write about my dance journey so that I can also encourage those who are interested in learning to dance. If I can do it, you can too! :D If you don't believe me, it took me about 2 months to learn the Sucker routine. I had actually started practicing for it in March. Then I picked back up this month, August. What took me 2 months, can take someone else an hour to get down. That can be discouraging when we compare ourselves, but that's also something I had to learn too. Stop comparing myself to others!

Despite how fast or slow we learn, go at your own pace. Everyone's journey is different, and that doesn't make it any less beautiful. Progress is progress, and it's something to be proud of just by taking that first step! When I first started learning the routine, I can't tell you how awkward I looked! xD That video was nowhere close to what the end recording looks like.

Each day I practiced, I would record myself and see what I needed to fix. Little by little, I improved. Those small improvements may seem like small wins, but boy did I feel like a bad bitch when I got that move down haha! A win is a win. It's better than being stagnant and not getting anywhere.

We are all unique. There is no one like you. No one can express themselves through whatever art form the way that you can. Even if you have experience or not, I hope you have the courage to start and the motivation to keep going. Every expert was once a beginner.

When I look back, I never thought I would be able to fulfill those dreams I had as a little girl. I hope you'll be able to fulfill yours too. It's never too late to start now :)

Have a fantastic day <3



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