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Photoshoot + Birthday

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I had so much fun with the floral photoshoot concept. I created 3 different flower crowns by myself :3 All the materials were purchased from Hobby Lobby. Which one is your favorite? I love the crown that hangs down the back of my hair. I haven’t done crafts in forever so it was pretty brutal getting burned by the hot glue gun a few times lol The outcome was awesome though so it was worth it!

Teresa did such a great job! I couldn’t have done this photoshoot without her. She made it a great experience by making me feel relaxed since I’m such an awkward turtle in front of the camera lol She knows me so well and was directing my poses. She made my make up and photos look fabulous! She’s the best sister in the world :B

It feels so surreal seeing all of these creative projects I envisioned for my mixtape come to life :’) It’s been a week since releasing Bloom. Thank you everyone so much for all the support ^_^ I appreciate you all for taking out your time to hear my song, and listen to my message.

I tend to be very private with my personal life so exposing my more vulnerable side is something very difficult to do. Music and writing are my therapeutic outlets. I’d like to build a close relationship with you through these mediums, in regards to my music journey. I’d like to take you into my world to see and feel as I do.

So to kick off my birthday at 12am, I had a small listening party with my circle. They are the most important and closest people to me. It was a very special moment I’ll never forget :’)

I celebrated my birthday dinner with my entire family. I usually don’t look forward to my birthday, but this birthday, it was different. For the longest time, I finally felt happy and proud to celebrate my life. It was a very happy birthday indeed 🖤

In the moments leading up to releasing Bloom, I felt anxious. All of these negative thoughts were making me doubt everything I’ve done up until that moment. But the second Bloom was finally out, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. It felt so freeing. I always felt like I was in hiding. I was afraid of people knowing, but now it’s out there, and I don’t have to hide this pain anymore. To show that I am broken, and that’s ok. Self-love is the best love, and that is helping me mend my brokenness and learning to accept myself.. flaws and all. To not be mistaken as weak, but strong. I’ve let depression control so much of my life, and this was a big step taking that control back.

Music has brought me a lot of comfort. My ultimate goal is to bring comfort for others as well through my music, and I hope I was able to provide that for even a fraction of you. The views, likes, comments, follows, and subscriptions are all greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. However, what is most important to me is the meaningful heart to heart connection we share.. where a “heart” button on social media can’t ever come close to representing.

If some of you notice on my IG and YouTube, I don’t allow the option to leave comments. I honestly don’t even like the heart buttons on social media either. If I could disable those, I would. It makes us cave into the pressure of wanting approval. Social media can be a very mean, scary, and superficial place filled with cyber bullies. At the same time, it can be a great way to reach a lot of kind people who share a similar interest as you.

Music is my safe place. So when I decided to share something so special to me on social media platforms, I wanted to protect my safe place by limiting those options. Whether people like me or not, that shouldn’t dictate my life. We don’t need anyone’s approval to validate our worth.

Please know that sharing my music is the most intimate part of myself that I can ever offer you to show my love, gratitude, and empathy. With my chosen words, I sing from the heart with all my heart. Please take care of it.

As always, thank you 🖤


Teresa Nguyen

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